ND8, ND64, ND1000 Grey Filter Kit, 82 mm, with Filter Bag

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ND8, ND64, ND1000 Grey Filter Kit, 82 mm, with Fil

"- Colour-neutral filter for the deliberate reduction of light
- Exposure correction: 8x = 3 aperture values; 64 = 6 aperture values; 1000 = 10 aperture values
- NMC16 coating: eight layers on each side, for maximum anti-reflective properties
- Vapour-deposited nano-coating
- Developed especially for digital cameras thanks to double-sided coating
- With front thread for other filters, lens cap or lens hood
- Quality class (glass): high-quality lens glass

Picture impact:
- Flowing water is portrayed soft and fluid thanks to long exposure times
- Busy squares become void of people thanks to long-term exposure
- Allows large aperture openings, e.g. for portrait shots with extreme brightness: the blurring of the background means that the person being photographed stands out clearly from the background"

Product Division: Photo & Video, Type: Grey Filter, Special Feature: Front thread, Mount Thickness: 2.9 mm, Filter Thread: 82 mm, Filter Type: Fixed Grey Tone, Type of Glass: High-Grade Lens Glass, Grey Tone: 1000-fold/64 x/8-Way, Metal Mount: Black, Coating: NMC16 (Nano Multi-Coated 16-fold)