Polarizing Filter, circular, coated, 55 mm

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Polarizing Filter, circular, coated, 55 mm

"- For bright colours - removes reflections
- Neutral colour 
- Coating: one layer on each side
- Quality standard (glass): optical glass
- Rotary mount

Impact on the pictures:
- Puts contrast and depth in the picture, the sky gets blue, clouds get white and colours become clearer and brighter 
- According to the position of the filter, contrast and depth vary and non-metallic reflections (water, plastic, glass, etc.) are removed
- A shooting angle of 30-40° to the reflective surface will give the best effects"

Product Division: Photo & Video, Type: Polarization Filter, Special Feature: Front thread, Mount Thickness: 6 mm, Filter Thread: 55 mm, Type of Glass: Optical Glass, Metal Mount: Black, Coating: Coated (2x)